Beyond South America mediates different projects in South America. Not only in the well-known holiday destinations but also in countries and places that have far more potential for work and learning opportunities. Discover beautiful South America with its high snow-clad mountains, dark jungles, dazzling cities, infinite beaches and proud inhabitants according to your preferences. The way you like it. You can roll your sleeves up as a volunteer and work together with local inhabitants on their projects. Or you can take part in a challenging internship, learn a new language, stay with a host family, attend dance classes, go on thrilling excursions and much more! There are endless possibilities!

Beyond South America, now active in  several  countries in South-America, has been set up in a way that finds suitable places at local organizations for volunteers and interns coming from different parts of the world. Keep in mind that we always consider the sustainability of projects and the costs for you as a volunteer or intern. Sustainability is an important theme for us, and means more than just taking care of nature, also considering the impact on people and local communities. How can we contribute to development and self-reliance in the short and – especially – long term? One of the ways is to make sure that youth has better perspectives for the future. Furthermore, we make sure that our services are more continuous, so enabling development.