All-around-Volunteer for a children daycare-center in Belo Horizonte/Brasil

Duration:                  minimum of 2 months

Useful skills:            experience or interest in working with kids, creative mind, background in dance/theater/sports/recycling arts, experience in teaching. Not sure if you have the right skills? Don’t worry – talk to us!

Location:                  the project is located in “Vila Acaba Mundo” in the south of Belo Horizonte in a relatively poor but safe neighborhood, easily accessible with public transportation if you decide to live downtown (keep in mind that Belo Horizonte is a big city and that it may take time to get to the project).                                    

Possible tasks:       organize recreational activities, sports and games, painting and decorating, recycling-projects, cooking and creative projects or homework support.


About the project:

It’s crowded, lively and loud in this project. This daycare receives up to 110 children from the local community every day. They are offered daytime activities when the parents are working – often the only possibility for not leaving the kids alone at home. The government supports this project, which makes it more sustainable. You can work as an activity coach and help organize activities for these children, a football tournament (always a big hit!), painting, dancing or playing ball games. In addition, you support the local staff with daily activities such as cooking and giving homework supervision. If you have a creative mind, you may start a recycling project, a garden or paint murals on the wall. This is the place for all-round talents with a lot of energy.



On site: Airport or bus terminal pick-up, host family or room for rent, 24/7 contact on site, emergency support, purified water, hospitals and western doctors, supermarkets, cultural diversity, good mobile signal, vast cultural life for Belo Horizonte is a prosperous city.