Computer and English lessons in a community center in Belo Horizonte/Brasil

Duration:         minimum of 1-2 months (depending on the tasks)    

Useful skills:    experience/interest in working with children, teaching, basic IT-skills, English language, web-design. Also people with a medical background are needed here for specific tasks. Not sure if you have the right skills? Don’t worry – talk to us!

Location:      the project is located in “Vila Acaba Mundo” in the south of Belo Horizonte in a relatively poor but safe neighborhood, easily accessible with public transportation if you decide to live downtown (keep in mind that Belo Horizonte is a big city and that it may take time to get to the project).                                   

Possible tasks:       teaching English, giving computer lessons (writing programs, web-research, writing CVs etc.), simple IT-tasks, helping out with the projects´ website.

About the project:

This community-based organization seeks to improve the quality of life of the residents of Vila Acaba Mundo, one of the poorer neighborhoods in the south of Belo Horizonte. For 15 years the organization has been active in the areas of health, education, urbanism, sustainability, sports, culture, leisure and entrepreneurship. They work on promoting social transformation and human development for and of the residents. It’s an ambitious mission and while some of their projects are well established, others are in dire need of support. Even though they work with all population groups, their main focus lies in working with children and youth. They organize a weekly dentist visit and have a psychologist visiting 2-3 times a week to support the people. The project has a number of spaces where people can work, including 2 rooms with computers. Kids here need English and computer lessons to improve their future perspective, but all kind of professions are welcome to help out in the different sectors the organization is working in.


On site: Airport or bus terminal pick-up, host family or room for rent, 24/7 contact on site, emergency support, purified water, hospitals and western doctors, supermarkets, cultural diversity, good mobile signal, vast cultural life for Belo Horizonte is a prosperous city.