Ecuador is possibly one of the least known countries of South America. Crazy when you think about it, because in many ways it represents all the best the continent has to offer! You will find a lot of miraculous places in Ecuador that attract many people to South America.

Colonial cities, Inca ruins in the Andes, traditional indigenous tribes in the Amazon, laid-back life on the coast, and last but not least the amazing flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. And these are just the well-known tourist places, Ecuador has much more to offer!

If you’d like to bathe in a natural hot spring with an Ecuadorian family, come to Baños where tourists as well as local people come to bathe and relax. If you have some energy left, visit the ravine and waters of Rio Blanco or race on your mountain bike through beautiful green landscapes and pass by amazing waterfalls. Need more adrenaline? Have a swing at the ‘swing at the end of the world’, which allows you to hover about 2600 meters high.


Surfing with locals and other travellers is possible at party place Montañita. Climbing one of the high summits is possible in the Teleferico in Quito, where you can enjoy a stunning view at 4000 meters from the Pichincha volcano or walk along the edge of the Quilotoa Lake at about 3000 meters.

Finally, and for people with a limited financial budget, we would recommend going to Isla de la Plata so you can even though enjoy the flora and fauna, as this place is also referred to as ‘Galapagos for the poor’. Here you can admire many diverse birds, such as the albatross and, if lucky, spot a humpback whale in the surrounding sea. These are views and experiences that will remain with you forever!

Conditions and possibilities

We understand that a trip to Ecuador takes a lot of effort and is quite exciting, right? This is why we would like to help you with all your personal concerns.  Our website already contains a lot of relevant information but don’t hesitate to contact us for other questions you may have. We do not place any conditions on volunteers or interns except for a flexible and proactive attitude and the willingness to learn some Spanish (for some projects a specific educational background is required). For optimal sustainability and continuity of projects, we prefer that people stay a minimum period of three months. If you’d like to volunteer in our organisation, we’ll look for one or multiple projects that suit you, depending on your preference, interests and (educational) background.

                         Project conservation                                              Project sports instructor                                                    Project center                                                               Galapagos, Ecuador                                              or activity guide, Ecuador                                       working children, Ecuador                


Visa, insurance and safety

For a stay in South America, you need to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after arrival. For a stay shorter than 90 days, you do not need a visa. If you want to stay longer, we will put you in contact with a local lawyer that can support you with the visa process for a small remuneration. The (private) health care in Ecuador is generally of good quality. If you get sick in Ecuador and in need of a doctor or dentist, we will always be welcome to accompany you! It is important to have good travel insurance when you go for an internship or volunteering experience abroad. Our insurance partners would be glad to advice you about the opportunities. JoHo offers you the best-customized travel insurance! Most travellers say they felt safe in Ecuador. Of course, it is always important to take into account the (obvious) precautionary measures that likewise apply in the big European cities. Bring as few valuable things as possible and hide important documents and money.


The mediation costs are 550, of which 50 go to the project where you will be active. These costs include:

  • Information package that we will send you before starting your trip about preparations, visa, travelling etc.;
  • pick-up service from the airport;
  • welcome package;
  • finding a great host family or (volunteering) home for you;
  • finding a suitable volunteering job or internship;
  • orientation day on which we will guide you through the city and to your volunteering/ internship place;
  • an English speaking local contact that is always available in case of emergency.

I am interested! What now?

Are you starting to get excited already? Then send us an e-mail without any obligation to: Within a few days, we will invite you to talk about your preferences via Skype. Then we will come back to you with a proposal and costs scheme of a certain volunteering project/internship/language course and accommodation. If you agree with the proposal, you will have to transfer the mediation costs, in reaction to which we will send a confirmation.

Come experience Ecuador together with us!