Beyond South America mediates for various projects in South America. Not only in the well-known holiday destinations but also in countries and places where more is possible. Discover beautiful South America with its high snow-clad mountains, dark jungles, dazzling cities, infinite beaches and proud inhabitants according to your preferences. the way you like it. You can roll up your sleeves as a volunteer or staigiar and collaborate with the local population in beautiful and meaningful projects.

In a vegetable garden project in Bolivia you can support the local population in self-reliance and food security, give English lessons to children saved from human trafficking, emotionally support children with burn wounds by playing games with them during their stay in the hospital, help local female entrepreneurs to improve their marketing plan for their handicraft shop or for collected monkeys and cats to play games to challenge them mentally. Prefer Brazil? For example, come and play football with favelas children or give English or computer lessons to (street) children and young people. In Ecuador there are many options in health care and there are also many options for sports enthusiasts, such as getting started at a football, swimming or hockey school. More a nature lover? Then contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands. Don’t people in critical situations scare you? Then drive along the fire department ambulance through Quezaltenango in Guatemala and provide first aid or get started in a health center and test women for HIV. In addition, various animal parks are looking for animal lovers, you can help locals harvest coffee or plant trees.

Almost all projects are also available for trainees or for doing research. That an internship or research abroad looks good on your CV is of course not for nothing. It is incredibly interesting, challenging and valuable to experience your future professional practice from a different social and cultural context. An internship abroad can change your life. You meet other people, you immerse yourself in a different culture and you make friends for life. You also learn more about yourself. In short, broaden your horizon and learn! There are many options for MBO students, HBO students and WO students. For a wide range of courses such as social services, organizational science, anthropology, marketing, communication, forest and nature management, ICT, creative therapy and much more. In addition to following an internship, it is also possible to do research through our. Together with you we look for an interesting project that fits your education, interests and learning objectives, including the right supervision. With experiences you can read about volunteers and interns who preceded you!

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