Learning Spanish or Portugese


Hablas español o falas portuguêse? That is great, given that few people talk English in South America. We therefore recommend you to start studying some Spanish or Portuguese at home. Language school Juntucha offers Skype classes, and locally you can also follow a course here. If you already speak some of  the language, you will be better able to connect with the local people, and so enjoy your stay even more! Learning a language is an amazing way to experience the South American culture. Muito bom! Individual as well as group classes are possible, and you yourself decide the intensity, depending on your personal preferences. Getting started in a hospital? Then your classes will focus on contact with patients, hospital terms and the description of symptoms. Getting started at a school? Then the focus will be on how to explain English grammar best in Spanish or which phrases are the best to use when surrounded by children.

There is a lot to explore in these South American countries. You could learn from the enormous cultural diversity, the indigenous inhabitants and the history. We would love to welcome you on this journey and help you get to know new places by providing you with local contacts. Furthermore, we will give you practical tips so that you will feel safer and more confident and help you plan your excursions and daily well-being. If interested, you can always ask for more information. Via WhatsApp, email or even Skype. We can then start exploring together about which project will suit you best. We are connected with too many projects to mention here, so do not hesitate to contact us because we will for sure find you a good match!

Support upon arrival

South American is totally different from any other continent and that’s exactly what makes it so fun and special! Much can be learned about the culture, indigenous people and history. In the beginning it may take some getting used to that nobody speaks English, traffic is caotic, the stores sell ‘weird’ products and you don’t know a single street in your new city of residence yet. No worries, we are happy to take you on this journey. We provide a first introduction to the city and are a fixed point of contact in the first period. We give you practical tips to make you feel safer and more confident while walking around the city, put you in contact with reliable local guides for exciting excursions or go to the hospital with you if your stomach disagrees with the local snacks.

We will also, before your departure, look for a suitable host family or volunteer house where you can relax after the long journey and slowly start to feel at home. In addition, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your new home, the language school, your project and, one of the first days on a city tour.    

Visa, insurance and security

For a stay in South America you must have a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months after arrival in the country. You do not need a visa for a stay shorter than 90 days. Do you want to stay longer than 90 days? Then we will put you in contact with a local lawyer who will support you in the visa process for a small fee. The (private) health care in the countries where we work is generally of good quality. If you fall ill in the countries where we work and you need to visit a doctor or dentist, we are always willing to accompany you. It is important to have good travel insurance if you are going to do volunteer work or an internship abroad. Our insurance partner is happy to advise you about the options. JoHo offers you the best customized travel insurance! Most foreigners say they feel safe in the countries where we work. Of course it is always important to take the (self-evident) precautionary measures into account, as you do in every major city in Europe. Take as few valuable things as possible with you and hide important documents and money as well as possible.


The mediation costs are €550, of which €50 go to the project where you will be active. These costs include:
  • Information package that we will send you before starting your trip preparations, visa application, travel arrangements etc;
  • pick-up service from the airport;
  • welcome package;
  • finding a great host family or (volunteering) home for you;
  • finding a suitable volunteering job or internship;
  • orientation day on which we will guide you through the city and to your volunteering/ internship place;
  • an English speaking contact that is always available in case of emergency.

I am interested! What now?

Are you already starting to get excited? You can always request information without obligation. By WhatsApp, e-mail or via Skype. We can then look together what suits you best. What we can all offer is too much to describe here so we are convinced that we can find a suitable and fun place for you.

Come and experience South-America together with us!