Paramedics and medical volunteers for health care projects in Quetzaltenango/Guatemala

Duration:         minimum of 2 weeks        

Useful skills:       medical studies, background in nursing or health care (maybe you are in the middle of your studies), first response medical training, emergency ambulance, intermediate Spanish level needed. You have a medical background but are not sure if you are needed here? Don’t worry – talk to us!                              

Location:          the two projects are located near the center and easy to reach by foot or bus, Quetzaltenango is a relatively quiet and safe city where you can find everything you need.              

Possible tasks:      support the ambulance as a paramedic, cleaning the units, checking equipment, support the front desk of the health center, help out with vaccination, monitoring the development of babies, assisting the doctors, consults etc.

About the project:

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Central America and the private health sector is booming, while public healthcare lacks funding and political support. In Quetzaltenango, the country’s second biggest city, institutions like the volunteer firefighters who respond to emergencies and the city’s health center where people get free consultations are fundamental for a huge part of the population, who simply can’t afford treatment in the private sector. Dedicated national and international volunteers supporting these institutions sustain their existence. The ambulances of this little volunteer station in the center of Quetzaltenango go from 6-10 emergencies a day and during the opening hours from 8:30-16:30 the health center is buzzing. They need volunteers with experience in first response to support the ambulance and to help out with vaccinations and checking in on babies that are brought in by their families from the rural regions around the city. People with more medical education and better skills in Spanish may assist the doctors during consultations and take on more responsibility – this also depends on the duration of your stay.

On site:      Airport pick-up, host family or hostel, 24/7 contact on site, emergency support, purified water, hospitals and western doctors, supermarkets, cultural diversity, good mobile signal, vast cultural life in Quetzaltenango.