Physiotherapists and Chiropractors for a NGO in Cochabamba/Bolivia 

Physiotherapists and Chiropractors for a NGO in Cochabamba/Bolivia 


Duration:                  minimum of 6 weeks

Useful skills:            education and/or experience as physiotherapist, sports-therapist, professional background working with physically challenged people or in chiropractic’s.

Location:                  the office is located near the city center but a large part of the work is done in the suburbs and the countryside of Cochabamba with rural indigenous families.

Possible tasks:       Supporting the rehabilitation and independence of people with disabilities, workshops with an emphasis on early detection and prevention of disability, to health personnel and teachers of primary and secondary schools, developing workshops in the municipalities to provide technical support to the organization, conducting evaluations of the staff and their work, developing and providing educational material about human rights and the importance of the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities.

About the project:

Persons with disabilities are hugely marginalized in Bolivia and the whole topic is a taboo in the public discourse. This organization has its headquarters in the center of the city but the actual work they do is in the outskirts of Cochabamba and in the countryside where they offer physiotherapy to children and adults. Most patients suffer from neurological problems such as brain paralysis or physical paralysis (both complete and partial paralysis). They also offer legal advice and education on human rights and rights of persons with disabilities. They have a well-organized and professional team with a lot of dedication to the work they are doing. You can help this organization by giving physiotherapy, workshops or help raising awareness – depending on your Spanish skills. You will be able to help different local communities by addressing the main themes to this project: empowerment, prevention and rehabilitation. Also giving English lessons to staff and patients themselves is more than welcome here. A minimum period to get started here is 6 weeks.


On site: Airport pick-up, host family or volunteer house, borrowed cellphone and SIM-card, 24/7 contact to volunteer-coordinator, emergency support, purified water, hospitals and western doctors, supermarkets, Wi-Fi and good mobile signal, vast cultural life.