took over the office and eversince all profits go to the Bolivian foundation Casa de la Alegría:
a foundation founded by Laurie to support traumatized children and
adolescents in Bolivia to come out (and stay out) of vicious circles of

The aim of Beyond South America is to
provide a helping hand for interns and volunteers from all parts of the
world and help them find a suitable internship or volunteer workplace
at local organizations. And all in a way that contributes to
sustainability and is affordable. The underlying idea is also to offer
them the chance to gain an unforgettable experience and to let people
broaden their horizons. Over time, the idea came to expand the work to
other countries in South America, starting with Brazil. This extension
required an umbrella name: Beyond South America. It didn’t stop after
Brazil. We have contacts in Ecuador and Guatemala, so there is something
for everyone!