Volunteering in conservation project on the Galapagos Islands/Ecuador

Duration:       minimum of 1 month        

Useful skills:     interest in environmental topics, interest in working with animals under very basic conditions, education or background in ecology, (marine-)biology, environmental science, zoology, oceanography. Not sure if you have the right skills? Don’t worry – talk to us!

Location:   the project is located on the biggest island Isabella, you will be surrounded by nature and need to bring a sleeping bag because you will be sleeping in tents.            

Possible tasks:      possibility of research projects, conservation of turtles, iguanas and sea lions, for example introduction of captive turtles into their natural habitat, cleaning activities such as management and disposal of plastic bags, reforestation and working in the tree-nursery.

About the project:

Galapagos Islands! Do we need to say more? 1000 km off the Ecuadorian coast, these islands became synonym to biodiversity, environmental topics and conservation. This unique habitat for flora and (marine) fauna is a dream come true for everyone interested and involved in environmental protection. Even though almost 97% of the islands´ land and 99% of its surrounding sea are protected areas, the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands is home to nearly 25 thousand people. To help and preserve this unique archipelago there are numerous projects working in research, animal rescue and conservation. If there is a specific topic you want to research for your studies, we can hook you up with one of the many projects on the islands and organize your stay. If you just don’t want to miss the chance to visit one of the best preserved ecosystems, you may want to get involved in some volunteer activities as well, and help to keep it that way. This project’s goal is to preserve the biodiversity and the unique natural resources of the islands in their natural condition, while sustaining the development of the region, through a development plan, which is implemented with the participation of the government, the residents and includes visitors as well. The main goal is: protection of the islands´ ecosystem and its biodiversity ensuring the continuity of ecological processes, to repopulate the islands with endemic and native species and to educate visitors and population about the importance conserving biodiversity.


On site:    Airport pick-up in Quito, organizing the trip and permits for the islands, 24/7 contact on site, emergency support, purified water, simple supplies for the daily needs are easy to get and there are ATMs, internet-cafés and restaurants in Puerto Villamil.