If you want to do volunteer work through us, we will look for a project (or several projects) for you, depending on your preference, interests and educational background. We work together with projects in areas such as education, health care, care for the disabled, horticulture, the environment, animal care, software and marketing. A few examples? An orphanage where babies and children desperately need to play games, play football or romp in the sandpit. A burn center where children and adolescents have a large shortage of visitors and attention due to the existing taboo. A vegetable garden project where local communities learn to become more self-sufficient and education is given in schools about how to deal with land, how to grow on small and dry surfaces. An aminal sanctuary where injured and irreplaceable animals of all shapes and sizes reside.


Internship is also an option with us. That an internship or research abroad looks good on your CV is of course not for nothing. It is incredibly interesting, challenging and valuable to experience your future professional practice from a different social and cultural context. An internship abroad can change your life. You meet other people, you immerse yourself in a different culture and you make friends for life. You also learn more about yourself.

In short, broaden your horizon and learn! There are many options for MBO students, HBO students and WO students. For a wide range of courses such as social services, organizational science, anthropology, marketing, communication, forest and nature management, IT, creative therapy and much more. In addition to following an internship, it is also possible to do research through our. Together with you we look for an interesting project that fits your education, interests and learning objectives, including the right supervision.

By doing an internship or doing volunteer work through Beyond South America you support the Casa de la Alegría foundation in Bolivia. Part of the money you pay goes to the foundation, which literally means “the House of Cheerfulness”. With love and dedication, the foundation supports children and young people who have had to deal with (family) traumas such as sexual, mental and / or physical abuse and neglect. Their mission is to encourage and facilitate children and young people in Cochabamba, Bolivia to become proud. They do this by offering the children workshops in which they work on social and emotional development. Among other things, they pay attention to processing trauma, dealing with aggression and sexual education, but also to having fun and learning to trust each other, so that they can enter the world stronger and more confidently.

What options are there for volunteering through us or doing an internship? In a vegetable garden project in Bolivia you can support the local population in self-reliance and food security, give English lessons to children saved from human trafficking, emotionally support children with burn wounds by playing games with them during their stay in the hospital, help local female entrepreneurs by improving their marketing plan for their handicraft shop or for collected monkeys and cats to invent games to mentally challenge them.

Prefer Brazil? For example, come and play football with favelas children or give English or computer lessons to (street) children and young people.

In Ecuador, among other things, there are many options in health care and for sports enthusiasts there are also many options such as getting started at a football, swimming or hockey school. More a nature lover? Then contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands.

Don’t people in critical situations scare you? Then drive along the fire department ambulance through Quezaltenango in Guatemala and provide first aid or get started in a health center and test women for HIV. In addition, various animal parks are looking for animal lovers, you can help locals harvest coffee or plant trees.

Is your dream project not described here? Let us know what you want and what background you have, then we will talk to you to find a suitable project!