Volunteers for a small daycare-center for young children in Quetzaltenango/Guatemala

Duration:        minimum of 2 weeks        

Useful skills:        warm hearted, flexible and energetic, interest/experience in working with young children, creative in play/dance/arts, teaching experience, cheerful nature. Not sure if you have the right skills? Don’t worry – talk to us!

Location:            the project is located near the center and easy to reach by foot, Quetzaltenango is a relatively quiet and safe city where you can find everything you need.                                        

Possible tasks:      supervising and playing with the kids, recreational activities like sports and dance, drawing and handcrafts, preparing food and feeding, help to clean and keep the place tidy.

About the project:

Child support is not one of the governments’ strong sides in Guatemala and if you don’t have family to look after your child or have money to take them to one of the many private daycare-centers, then you have a some serious problem in this country. This little daycare is a passionate and dedicated project. They have been working for almost 40 years on enabling – mostly single – mothers to earn a living while their kids are taken care of during daytime. A small team of locals runs this place for up to 25 kids (between 1-5 years old), where they receive meals, pre-kinder education and have room and time to develop. The place, right near the center of Quetzaltenango is buzzing, loud and colorful and the kids are very active and demanding. Here we need motivated volunteers who can play for hours. People with creative minds – because money is tight in this project – to dance and draw and make a fool of themselves; willing to read a book and also help to prepare food and help to feed the youngest. This place needs people with heart and at the end of the day you will know you did a good job if you are tired.

 On site:           Airport pick-up, host family or hostel, 24/7 contact to coordinator on site, emergency support, purified water, hospitals and western doctors, supermarkets, cultural diversity, good mobile signal, vast cultural life in Quetzaltenango.