If you want to do volunteer work through us, we will look for a project (or several projects) for you, depending on your preference, interests and educational background. We work together with projects in areas such as education, healthcare, care for the disabled, horticulture, the environment, animal care, software and marketing.

Internship is also an option with us. An internship abroad can change your life. You meet other people, you immerse yourself in a different culture and you make friends for life. You also learn more about yourself. In short, broaden your horizon and learn! There are many options for MBO students, HBO students and WO students. For a variety of courses such as social services, organizational science, anthropology, marketing, communication, forest and nature management, IT, creative therapy and much more.

With your volunteer work or internship you support the Casa de la Alegría foundation in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Part of the money that you pay goes to the foundation that supports children and young people who have had to deal with (family) trauma such as sexual, mental and / or physical abuse and neglect. Among other things, they pay attention to processing trauma, dealing with aggression and sexual education, but also to having fun and learning to trust each other, so that they can enter the world stronger and more confidently.